A coach in your corner

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A coach in your corner

If you’re a woman in your 40’s - but your career has you feeling a little more FLAT than FAB - chances are you’ve worked yourself to the bone - dedicated your life’s work and energy to something that simply isn’t giving back. 

If you’re no longer prepared to play second fiddle to the career game, and finally want to take things into your own hands - a new career is a tantalising option. 

But you’re scared.

What if it’s not the right decision?

What if I don’t enjoy the new role?

Who’s going to want me, anyway?

Well, I’m Laurie and I’m here to help you stop wasting time and start taking action. 

The VIP Standout Candidate Programme is for smart women who are 40 plus and want to change career or find a new direction. You might be looking for a new role as yours just isn’t doing it for you any more or be unsure of the best route forward in the post Covid world. You might not know how to marry skills, achievements and qualifications in a way that works for you.

You want to do work that you love, that you are properly paid for and that uses your wealth of skills and experience. You don’t want to be taken for granted, underpaid or promised the world with nothing to show for it any more.

You love the idea of having a job that makes you leap out of bed in the morning  - and you’re ready to take the exciting (but also a little bit scary) steps to get there!



You could be a good fit for this programme if:

You aren’t sure what you want to do and how to market yourself into it

You don’t know where you are going wrong with finding a new role

You are sick and tired of doing great work that isn’t rewarded or valued

If you’re 100% ready to stop wasting your precious time applying for roles that you don’t want and are unlikely to get, this programme is perfect for you.

If you understand that your life and knowledge are precious - you will be looking for an approved professional to help you take the best 'next step

The right person for this programme is highly likely to find their dream role much more quickly than without my help, gaining 1000’s in salary by starting to earn quicker in a role that they love. 

Here’s what some clients have to say about us working together:  

‘I got the job…and negotiated the salary I wanted. I also used what you taught me to apply for a role as a trustee and yesterday they rang me saying I had been selected!’

‘I found out I was shortlisted from 186 applications down to 8 and they have asked me back in next week for the 2nd stage interview.’

‘I got the job and the top amount of money!’



During your time working with me, we’ll have 6 Zoom meetings, which I will record and send to you which will help in the following ways:

Firstly we will have a Zoom call to discuss what you want to achieve and what you are currently doing. You will come away with a clear plan and know what to look for and what to avoid. This will happen in the first week. 

Then you will go away and start looking for roles. You will find some that suit and I will create a tailored CV showcasing your skills and experience. This will happen in the 2nd or 3rd week. 

Then, we’ll get your LinkedIn profile set up (and rewritten if necessary) so that it’s fully optimised for search purposes and most importantly, so that when hiring managers and recruiters land on your profile they know that you are exactly what they have been looking for. Once your profile is looking absolutely fantastic you’ll then start engaging with people to increase your visibility and get more eyes on your profile. This will happen in the 3rd week. 

We’ll continue to work on all of the above and getting a bank of great examples together for applications. Soon, you’ll start getting interviews so we will prepare for these so that you can confidently answer the questions and impress the interviewers.

All of this will get you so much closer to getting that role that you love at the salary you deserve with no panic applying and applying for jobs that you don’t actually want. Imagine that!

Note that you will also have unlimited access to me via email and Voxer (a great walkie talkie like app) throughout the programme to ask me anything during office hours.



If you’re interested in this programme, simply message or email me and we’ll have a quick chat to see if it's a fit for you. If it is, I can enrol you today and I can send you your fact finding form there and then - and our first call will be in a few days! Investing in your future is £2499 which can be paid in one go or in installments for peace of mind.  I can also arrange this with your employer if they are helping to pay.

I am so confident that this process works that if you don’t get a suitable job after working with me, I will give you all your money back. *T's and C's apply.