Top Tips on using recruitment agencies during your job search

Updated: Oct 10

If you are looking for work, as well as using job sites to find advertised roles, LinkedIn to see and be seen and your network, recruitment agencies can be a huge help with your search.

It's worth working with a few and seeing who has the sort of roles you want and who you click with. The right one can really help you along the way and put you forward for roles which may not be advertised.

Here are some tips on how to get the best from them:

  1. Approach recruiters only once you have a clear idea of what you want and an up to date CV as they don't normally have time/capacity to offer career coaching or CV writing services, though they may well suggest things and also tweak your CV.

  2. Specific is terrific. When you have the initial conversation with a recruiter (and do follow up applications with calls so that they can get to know what you are looking for and what your skills are) tell them EXACTLY what you are looking for. Many people are vague here but if you can be specific then they have much more chance of remembering you when that perfect role comes up.

  3. Remember that they are the gatekeeper so it pays to be professional. If you have had constant problems and issues at work and tell them then they MAY see you as a flaky candidate so keep it positive, as you would when talking to an employer.

  4. Build a relationship to stay top of mind as they have masses of candidates to sift through right now and by doing this you are more likely to be the person they call. Call or email them every so often to check in (without being a pest!)

  5. Know that the client is king and that they are NOT going to be able to override the clients wishes on essential criteria in the vast majority of cases.

You can find details of who handles which division on agency websites to make initial calls or connect with them on LinkedIn to start a conversation there. There are hundreds of small niche agencies as well as the large multi sector ones so it's worth picking a number who you connect with and speaking to them regularly.

If you would like to make your LinkedIn profile more appealing to recruiters and hiring managers so that they come to you with great roles then get in touch. I offer Power Hours where we can work on setting up your profile so that you can be found on LinkedIn, show you how to connect with ideal managers and recruiters and plan engagement and content that gets you seen and known in your field.

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