Top tips for video interviews

Updated: Oct 10

So you've been asked to attend a video interview? Don't panic! Here are some tips to help you to ace it.

  1. Think of it as a positive situation. You are both on home turf so they don't have the automatic advantage of you coming into their territory.

  2. Practice! Can you get a friend or family member who is using the tech for work ie Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom to give you a quick practice on the platform? Just so you know where all the buttons are and have anything you may need downloaded.

  3. Try to ban interruptions as much as possible but also make the interviewers aware if they may happen for example, if you are on your own with kids or expecting a delivery. It happens. We're all human but being prepared will help you to feel more in control.

  4. Look at the camera. If you look at their faces as you see them, it looks like you are looking away. bizarrely enough.

  5. Look at your background. You don't need to go OTT just make sure it's tidy and there's nothing embarrassing lying around/washing on radiators etc. (I did an IGTV at the start of lockdown with a pink bra hanging over the sofa so no judgement) 🙈

  6. Think about the angle of your computer. Having it on your knee isn't ideal and can be unflattering so ideally, use a table or something to prop it up.

  7. Prepare in the normal way so find out about the company history and values, anticipate the questions they may ask and check the specific instructions they send so that you can prepare for a presentation or using competency based questions if needed.

  8. Even if they don't mention competency based questions, it's likely that they will crop up so do think what they might ask based on the type of role you are going for. They will ask you to 'Tell me about a time' and/or 'Give me an example of' when they want you to use this template so you need some SPECIFIC answers ready based on past roles. For example 'Tell me about a time when you had to negotiate to get a result', 'Give me an example of a time when you had to lead without being in a leadership role' or 'Tell me about a time when you didn't hit your target and what you learned' These are where most folk trip up so do prepare your answers.

  9. You can absolutely have notes in front of you. I'd print them out rather than attempting to read on screen and flicking back and forth.

  10. Stick a post it note with important info or anything you really need next to the camera so you don't miss it. Mine is SLOW DOWN 😂

  11. Remember that you've done amazingly well to get an interview at all so you should feel proud and remember that it's a two way conversation.

  12. Remember to stay positive about all previous employers, even if they were dreadful!

  13. Prepare your intro section where they ask you to tell them about yourself. Keep it snappy and upbeat. Quantify achievements and sell yourself.

  14. Have your CV beside you so that you can refer to it.

  15. Take your time and ask to pause if you need to.

  16. Think of it as a date, not a court appearance. You don't HAVE to tell them everything, just enough to make them hire you.

  17. It's MUCH harder to read faces over a screen so err on the side of caution with humour unless you're getting it back.

  18. If there's stuff that's gone on that you hate talking about have a bright and breezy pre prepared answer ready so that you don't start to get upset or defensive.

  19. And finally remember to check that your Zoom name is your actual name and not your other half's name or something one of the kids set up.

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