The 'So what' question and how it can help your CV to stand out

Updated: Oct 10

You've done the work on shouting about your achievements and you're still not hearing back from employers. How can they resist you? After all, you 'Created a new onboarding process' for your previous employer.

This sounds harsh, but I need you to ask yourself the question 'So what'. I get it. It's really hard to hear after you've dug deep and put yourself out there but the truth is it's STILL not enough.

What was the result of what you did, what did it change, what did it lead to?

THIS is where the magic happens. So if we use the example above and you think 'So what' you would get to 'Created a new onboarding process for X which resulted in a time saving of 2 hours per employee and over 35 days in time saved over the year' Do you see the difference? Even better, put it like this 'Saved X 35 days due to implementing a new onboarding system which saved 2 hours of onboarding time per employee'

Wow, now you are someone who saved their previous employer over a month in time consuming processes. Now employers want a piece of this!

Do this for all of your achievements and think about what was different when you left to when you started, what impact you had, what was the result of your work. THIS is how to shout about your achievements.

Still need help? Get in touch. I can create a CV that highlights these achievements for you. Email me at to book a slot.

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