Stand out by shouting about your career achievements

Updated: Oct 10

I get it, it's deeply uncomfortable to go around shouting about your achievements.

It's just not the done thing in our culture.

My smart, successful clients struggle to tell me about their achievements so that I can add them to their CV. They tell me things like:

'My job is to make my clients look good' and 'Once I've done things I tend to forget about them'

Thankfully I'm not put off by this and dig deep to find out their biggest career success so that we can shout about them to potential employers.

It's so important but so difficult to get out as we are conditioned not to 'show off'. Your CV is no place for modesty though and it's really important to highlight your achievements and not just list your responsibilities.

Give the potential employer something quantifiable/specific:

✔ How much did you save your employer?

✔ Have you won awards for your work or been part of a team who did?

✔ Have your suggestions improved processes and procedures? What were they and how did they help?

✔ What was your biggest sale/contract?

✔ How large was your team and what have you led them to do?

✔ What level of budgets did you manage?

This will help your CV to stand out and allow them to see the level you have worked to.

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