LinkedIn for Jobseekers Part 2

Updated: Oct 10

Last weeks blog had some tips for using LinkedIn to find a new role. Here are some more:

  1. Make sure you have a recent picture on your profile. It doesn't have to be a professional headshot, just a photo where you're on your own, facing forward and looking smiley will do but it is important to have something there so that you are identifiable.

  2. LinkedIn introduced the 'Open to Work' feature at the start of the pandemic. It causes a bit of debate but if you want to turn it on, go to your profile, click the open to button and then you can choose what you are open to and whether everyone can see that or just recruiters.

  3. Put up a 'flare' post to tell connections that you are looking for work. Don't beg, just explain that you are now looking for a new role, talk about the skills and experience you can bring and ask them to please share and recommend you to anyone who is looking for someone with your type of experience. This takes a bit of getting over yourself, but can be really helpful.

  4. What on earth do you actually post on there? Look at what your connections are posting and start by liking, commenting and sharing. Doing this puts you on their radar and starts a connection and conversation. It's much easier to then go to them about a specific job or for help AFTER you've built up some rapport.

Look for interesting articles about your field or specialist area (set up Google alerts) and post about these to start with. These wont get you lots of traction but it shows that you know what's going on in your sector.

Then, start writing posts talking about your experiences and what you can offer to an employer. Frequently asked questions/commonly held beliefs about your industry are a good place to start, after you've done an intro to yourself. There is lots of advice out there about LinkedIn but basically, being yourself is absolutely fine, as long as yourself isn't offensive!

5. Show your face! People buy from people and want to know about your life, work, family, pets, the lot. Don't be scared to talk about your why, your weekend etc. SOME people wont like it, but they aren't your people. You want to work for someone who gets you.

I hope these are helpful. I'm on LinkedIn as if you want to follow me. You can customise your Linkedin Url by clicking into your contact info and using the pencil symbol to edit your url to something that suits you to use in your CV or in applications.

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