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How I create a new CV with my clients

Updated: Jan 11

Interested in investing in a new CV and want to know what the process is? It's all here.

When clients book for a CV session, I ask them to send me their current CV as it gives me somewhere to start and gives me some basic details about their work history, experience and skills.

They send this to me, along with links to a few jobs that they'd like to apply for. These don't have to be live or local (though it's great if they are) but this gives us something to focus towards.

When the appointment time comes around we get onto a zoom call together (You get this link when you book) and I record it to send to you later.

We talk about the jobs you're going for and I ask you to pick one to focus on. I then write the CV for that, while showing you how to follow the same process for any other jobs.

We talk through matching you to the role through your personal profile and key skills, and I make sure that you are telling the employer exactly how you fit this role through the information in these sections.

Usually we choose or I ask you to tell me about some key achievements that are relevant to this role and I show you a great way to present these that puts the results and impact first.

Once I've got these crucial bits right, we go to previous roles to make sure you're discussing impact, scope and results and lastly I might do some chopping, formatting and tidying with the rest. I might condense education and take away jobs that are over 10/15 years old. I'll definitely take away your interests and you'll be left with a short, snappy CV that tells the employer how you can do this role.

I'll teach you how to repeat this process for any other jobs in around 15 minutes yourself too.

The process is really simple (but not easy) as it focuses on giving the employer what they need to meet their person spec so I'll keep referring to that as we go.

If you need this service, click here to book a Power Hour to have a new CV created and please, never be embarrassed about your current CV, I've seen it all before!

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