Has your job search stalled? Here's how to bring it back to life in 2022.

Updated: Oct 10

At times, it's really easy for your job search to stall. I often get SOS emails from people who just can't seem to find anything.

Here's what I suggest:

  1. Try different sites. There are masses depending on the sort of work you are looking for. For general roles try For sector specific roles try sites like For roles in retail, care and hospitality

  2. Try using the keywords that you would see in the job spec instead of titles to see if this throws up anything different. For example search 'Business development' and 'client relationship' instead of Business Development Manager.

  3. Contact your regular recruiters again to develop your relationship and tell them more about what you can do and are looking for. Also try some new ones. Google local and national agencies in your area or find them on LinkedIn.

  4. Spend time on LinkedIn adding connections and joining in conversations with people in your chosen industry. Also look at the job boards there.

  5. Revisit former colleagues and acquaintances and let them know that you are looking and what for (I know this feels awkward but it's worth doing)

  6. Investigate potential (virtual) networking events, whether they are industry specific or more general. These can be informative or more around meeting people but it's worth going to see what you can learn and who you can meet. There are lots advertised on LinkedIn and Eventbrite.

  7. Follow companies who you would like to work for on social media and spend a bit of time investigating what they are doing and what they are talking about then consider a speculative approach to them, armed with this info. If you do this you will also be first to know if they do advertise roles.

  8. As above but consider messaging an employee at a company you would like to work for and asking if they would mind helping you and telling you a bit about their company and culture over a (virtual) coffee. They can only say no!

  9. Consider taking a short (often free) course to improve your skills and add to your CV. There are lots here

  10. And if it gets too much take a break for a few days, go and do something else and come back with fresh eyes and a new approach.

Need help with it all? Please get in touch. A Power Hour is just the thing to breathe life back into your search and give you new ideas for £175.

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