Get ahead by doing your research BEFORE you apply for a role

Updated: Oct 10

I know, I know you always look at the website before an interview but this is about doing a quick bit of research before you even apply.

Have the company grown recently?

Are they looking for lots of roles?

Have they won a bid or award?

Have the CEO/Heads of changed? How might that affect what they do next?

You will find this all out in a few minutes by googling the company (NOT just looking at the website) and at some of their employees on LinkedIn and can then talk about how you've helped similar businesses before and talk about it in your application/cover letter.

Really quick and simple and let's you show how you are the right candidate and have done your research.

You can also use some of their language. If they call their customers clients, you can too. If they call them visitors or passengers, you can echo this.

Give this one a go and let me know how you get on.

Need some help with this or any other aspect of your job search? Drop me an email to and I'll be in touch.

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