Are you one of the 65% of people who want to change job this year?

Updated: Oct 10

According to a recent Aviva survey, this is the number of people who are looking to change roles or careers this year. Are you one of them?

If so, here are the steps to follow to find a new role.

1, Decide what you want to do next. This sounds obvious but lots of people skip this step and just carry on as before or look at the usual roles when you have the choice to make a change with this move. If you are struggling with this, here's a workbook that can help you work through your ideas for £4.99

2. Once you know what you want to do, change your LinkedIn headline to reflect where you want to go now and start adding people who can help with your move. Create content that shows that you are the go to person in your sector and engage in conversation to give value and share knowledge. If you are still in work you will need to do this more discretely but can still use it to point you forward.

3. Tell people who could help you what you are looking for now. This can be friends, family or ex colleagues who would be willing and able to help in your search.

4. Update your CV to reflect the roles you are applying for now, Have a base CV ready to apply for specific types of roles which you can then tailor for each application to show how you meet the job description through your personal profile and the skills/achievements section of your CV.

5. Prepare for interview by thinking about your results, the outcomes you've achieved and prepping some examples using the STAR or CARL format. Also be prepared to talk about your skills, strengths and values and have a statement prepared for the 'CV walkthrough/tell me about yourself question'.

If you need help with any or all of this, drop me an email, I offer Power Hours for £175 to help you to focus on one aspect of the job search or a full 12 week mentoring programme, the Standout Candidate Programme if you need support with all the elements of finding a new role. This is £2499 with a payment plan available.

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