7 ways to find a new role now (that don't involve spending all day on the same old sites)

Updated: Oct 10

If you are looking for a new role right now, I understand that it's hard going. You send out applications and hear nothing back. It's utterly soul destroying I know, so here are some tips to help.

  1. Use a variety of job sites. Depending on your sector and desired role you can look at and for general roles, as well as sector specific sites like, and for roles in retail, care and hospitality.

  2. Register with recruitment agencies. Recruiters have never been busier so remember the golden rules here A few to start you off are Blue Arrow, Reed, Michael Page, Kelly, Adecco, Pertemps, Search, Michael Page, Morgan Phillips, HRC, Allstaff, Manpower, Staff Finders and Office Angels depending on what sort of roles you are looking for. (You can check on Google who has what teams where). You can email them with your CV or add it to their portal/apply direct to roles that they are handling. I really recommend building relationships with recruiters directly in addition to this. Look at who covers your sector and call them to introduce yourself and discuss your preferences and what roles they are currently working on. This may take some time right now and may feel fruitless but stay with it.

  3. LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn! I can't stress enough how important it is to be active on there. Look at your headline and ensure you have some of your key skills/your chosen sector in there so that recruiters and hiring managers can find you. The other option is to describe what you can do for an employer ie 'Supporting employers in the 3rd sector to recruit and retain great people through targeted HR Support' or 'Creating scroll stopping marketing campaigns for foodie businesses in the North East'.

  4. LinkedIn works better when you have more useful connections so take the time to add your ideal companies and recruiters on there and start to engage with them. Create content about your career and share articles and info. Putting a post up stating that you are looking for work involves a bit of pride swallowing but can work really well. The more specific you are the better in this instance so tell people what you are looking for and where and how you can help. If you are unsure of how to use the platform, I can cover this with you in a Power Hour for £175. You can book here

  5. Ask around. Let your friends, family and previous colleagues know that you are looking and what for and ask if they can keep their eye out. This is especially important if you are changing tack as they won't know if you don't tell them. Be specific as again this can be really helpful and avoids you being sent roles that are not suitable.

  6. Look at companies you would like to work for and check if they have vacancies. Find employees on LinkedIn and look at what they say and how they say it. Follow them on Social Media and see what is going on. They will post roles there first so it's worth checking and IF you build a relationship you might be able to find out about vacancies BEFORE they are advertised.

  7. Try speculatively approaching companies. It's always a longer shot so don't expect anything but there's no harm in sending personalised emails and seeing what happens.

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