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3 reasons why you should be using LinkedIn if you are employed and not looking to move

I get it. You're quite happy in your job and you know that you SHOULD use LinkedIn but quite honestly, it's FAR from at the top of your to do list. Why bother? Why not just keep going as you are in your job and worry about LinkedIn later?

1. Things can change overnight. ALL that needs to change for you to NEED LinkedIn is one of these very common and not at all unusual factors:

Lovely boss leaves and is replaced by Micromanaging Mark

The company is bought out and the new bosses aren't so great

Your flexible working agreement comes to an end and you now DO need to go in 5 days a week 9 - 5

Suddenly, you ARE looking, you DO need help and you WOULD like to be spotted by a recruiter/hiring manager but you can't be as you haven't done the work.

2. You can use it to offer help and be seen as an expert so you are worth more to a new employer when you do move.

Who wouldn't pay more for someone with lots of industry knowledge and a great network?

3. It takes time to grow your network, find great connections and build your brand. This can't be done overnight.

That's why it pays off to get on LinkedIn and keep growing your network BEFORE you need to. My new LinkedIn course, coming mid February will help you to do just that. Click here to join the waiting list and get early access, a juicy discount AND access to me to pick my brains on a Live Q and A.

Stylist call it 'career cushioning' in this article I call growing your network smart planning.

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