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One to one mentoring and coaching to help you to work out what you want to do next and then go and get it, using ways that are working now.

Looking for a new role or career: Welcome
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Need someone to support you with your career or job search?

Stuck, despondent and frustrated that you're getting nowhere fast? I get it.

You're amazing at your job but don't have a clue how to find a new one! You are most likely a smart woman who is over 40, has been working in her previous role for some time and has lots of skills but no idea where to start with ATS systems, writing a CV, recruiters and competency based interviews. 

You may not know what you want to do next and might 'sort of' use LinkedIn, 'kind of' look at jobsites and want to hide under the duvet. Sound familiar?

I can help with practical advice and support to help you to find your dream job. Whether you need help with job searching, CV writing or career coaching and mentoring to help you to get started with the whole thing, you're in the right place.

I won't sugar coat the hard facts but will support you all the way til you get that job that you love. No panic applying, spraying and praying or going to plan B before you need to here! Instead, look forward to increased visibility, your ideal manager coming to YOU and a job that suits you down to the ground, at a salary that you can thrive and not just survive on. 

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Need a new CV that sells your skills? Whether you are out of work or looking to change career or industry, I can help. Focusing on what your new employer is looking for, for £199 I will create you a CV that gets you seen. I'll take out all the unnecessary stuff (I enjoy reading and yoga, really?) and instead talk about how you can do THIS role. 

If you aren't getting interviews, it's your CV so let's get it sorted.

Hit the Buy Now button and choose an available time slot for me to work on this for you. This is a 'done for you' service so I'll work on it alone and send it to you for your approval. 

Please note that CV's only work once you've worked out where they're going so if you need help with that too, please book a Power Hour and CV session below. 

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If you are unsure where to turn, this session is for you. We will discuss your current situation and focus on helping you to move forward. Ideal for those who want to change career, don't know where to go from here or who are facing redundancy, we will look at your preferences, likes and dislikes and lifestyle and come up with a plan and options to help you to find a role you love with the salary you need. 

Recorded over Zoom, you can listen back and pick up on actions and ideas. This session costs £175 and you will leave with a plan and renewed optimism for your search. Hit the Buy Now button to choose your slot. Your Zoom link will be sent by return email.

You can also book this Power Hour if you would like us to work on your CV together or need some help to prep for an interview, just let me know what you need when you book. 


If you're looking for a bit more support to find your path then why not book a combined package. We'll use the Power Hour to decide what's next then I'll go away and create a CV that's tailored to the area you choose.

There is a discount for buying both sessions together and this costs £350.

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Know that you need help to find a new role and want to work through the steps from working out what it is to going and getting it with me at your side?

My Standout Candidate Programme has EVERYTHING you need to find that new role. I will guide you through how to find a role right now including: working out your strengths and values so that you can find a role that suits you, crafting your CV and application examples as well as LinkedIn training and interview prep so that you are going in ready to wow the hiring manager.

I only offer 2 spaces on this programme per month so please get in touch if you would like to know more or click the link. 

The cost is £2499 and this can be paid in instalments at no extra cost.


Not getting interviews? Honestly, It's probably down to your CV not selling your skills and expertise. Download my FREE CV template and shout about what a good fit you are for the role you are applying for.

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